“We’ve all personally experienced the loss of a family member or a friend due to violence, and we’ve all witnessed the constraints of poverty within our community. The Student Board provided us with a platform through which we could address these issues, giving us the confidence and the power to change the world around us.”

In the 10 years since Thornton Township High School District 205 launched the Jefferson Awards in our communities, we have celebrated the best of the District 205 at the national and local level. We are proud to honor more than 30 individuals in the local and national communities and have established a legacy as an Ambassador School which has proven to be a catalyst for change. What is more, thanks to our District 205 partners, the Jefferson Awards has reached over 200,000 individuals and has honored over 150 unsung heroes. Now, we build on our original vision of celebrating devotion to public service by promoting their greatness in order to gratify and multiply public service throughout the District 205 Community. Over the past 10 years, Students in Action District 205 has nearly conducted 743,000 hours of service. Through these years, we have celebrated more than 1,500 projects that touched over 52,000 citizens in our community.